Sample Display Boards
For Show and Tell


   Display boards make an excellent visual reference.   Everything you need is represented on nine (7" x 8") display boards.  Order them individually, or buy the complete set. Wall mount with velcro.

Set of 9 Boards Order # 970000

Include the following display boards
970001 - QFP
970002 - Ceramic IC
970003 - Passives and Discrete
970004 - SMD Assorment
970005 - PLCC
970006 - SOIC and TSOP
970007 - Throughhole Passives
970008 - Throughhole Semiconductor
970012 - BGA
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Select a Display Board From this list
Quad Flat Pack Ceramic ICs
SMD Passives SMD Assortment
Throughhole Passives Throughhole Semiconductors
PC Board BGA
Custom Display Boards  

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