905200 Series Kit

Ceramic CBGA Kits
CBGA196 - 1.27mm pitch

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Ceramic board for placement and daisy chain continuity testing after assembly. Substrate has 4 mounting sites for 19mm Ceramic CBGA196 with 1.27mm pitch

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Ceramic Substrate:

  • 96% alumina, 4% Talc
  • TCE 6.5ppm/°C
  • Overglaze Solder Mask
  • Silver-Palladium pads
  • Soldermask Defined pads
  • Fiducial Marks
  • Daisy Chain Test Points
  • 4.5" Square (114mm Sq)
  • Thickness .040" (1.0mm)

  • Manual Assembly or Machine Run
    Kit Contents Kit Order Number
    Kit 1
    Kit Order Number
    Kit 10
    Ceramic Board 1 10
    CBGA196 4 40

    Optional Accessories
    Parts Placement Data ASCII File - Order Number 905204
    Solder Paste Artwork, Gerber File, Order Number 905205
    Spare Board Only, Order Number 905201

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