911001 Flip Chip Substrate
152um Pitch

Flip Chip 5mm (200 mil) Square
FC112 - 152um (6 mil)Pitch

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FR4 board for placement and daisy chain continuity testing after assembly. Substrate has 10 mounting sites for 5mm Flip Chip FC112 with 152um (6 mil) pitch

FR4 Substrate:

  • Tg 175°C
  • LPI Soldermask
  • Bondable Gold pads
  • Fiducial Marks
  • Daisy Chain Test Points
  • 3.5"x5.5" (89 x 140mm)
  • Thickness .062" (1.5mm)

  • Manual Assembly or Machine Run
    Kit Contents Kit Order Number
    Kit Order Number
    Lead Free
    FR4 Board 1 1
    FC112 10 10

    Optional Accessories
    Spare Board Only, Order Number 911001

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