SMD Bread Board
Snaps Apart for Prototyping

Actual Size: 4.6" x 5.5" (117 x 140mm)

    TopLine's SMD Breadboard is scored to snap apart into 20 universal circuits. Designed for 100mil (2.54mm) SIP or DIP connection to mother board. Pads accept all common chips, SOT23, SOIC, PLCC20/44 tantalums, trimmers, potentiometers and more. Plated throughhole, double sided board allows circuit continuation on both sides of PCB.


  • Hot Air Soldering Leveling
  • FR4 Board .062"
  • Double Sided
  • Tooling Holes .125"
  • Fiducial Marks

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  • Board Only Order Part Number 970500

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