BGA1752 1.0mm Kit
Daisy Chain Ball Grid Array

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Board Size 5.5"x8.0" (14x20cm)
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TopLine BGA1752 Kit has 4 daisy chain (DC427) mounting sites on the top side for BGA1752. Copper pad is Ø20mils (Ø0.50mm). SRO Mask opening Ø 28mil (Ø0.71mm).

Test points for 4 loops continuity measurements after mounting BGA1752. Daisy chain BGA1752 to verify correct assembly with a ohm-meter at 3 pairs of test points. Loops include 2 outer rings and double inner rings under the die area. Other pads are grounded to practice reflow with very heavy copper ground.

Pad Cu (copper) thickness 3.7mil (0.094mm) equivalent to 2.6-oz copper on 4-layers.

Board Features:

  • Choice of Final finish:
        • ENIG (Ni/Au)Gold
  • LPI Solder Mask - PSR4000BN Green
  • FR4 Tg=170°C
  • Size - 5.5"x8.0" (14x20cm)
  • Thickness 0.100" (2.5mm)
  • 4-Layer Board - Heavy Ground
  • Heavy Copper Fill 2.6-Oz
  • Via in Pad Construction.
  • Tooling Holes .125" (3.17mm)
  • IPC Fiducials - 0.062" (1.57mm)

    Enlarge:  BGA1752 Mounting Site
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    After Mounting BGA1752

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    Board Order Number System
    999 0 16
    Series Board Finish

    Board Size:

    Cu Pad Ø20mil
    0 = Single Bare Board 16 = ENIG (NiAu)

    Other final finish available.
    BGA1752 Daisy Chain Components
    Substrate Ball
    Plastic Ø25mil
    Plastic Ø25mil
    Other ball configurations available
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