BGA324 Pitch 1.0mm
Concentric Ring Daisy Chain
For Testing Surface Cleanliness

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BGA324 Concentric Ring Board
NSMD Pitch 1.0mm
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Top Side BGA324
Board Size 4"x5" (10x12.5cm)
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TopLine 999141 BGA324 cleanliness board has a special concetric ring Daisy Chain for detecting residue between the BGA pads. Top side has a single site for mounting a BGA324 1.0 Pitch 23x23mm. The bottom side has tracings to connect the concentric daisy chain pattern to plated throughhole test points. BGA pads are non-soldermask defined (NSMD). This double layer board is 0.062-inch (1.6mm) thick. Standard 999141 board is Tin-Lead SnPb HASL. Lead free RoHS boards are also available.

Board Features:

  • Final finish: HASL (Tin-Lead)
  • LPI Solder Mask - PSR4000BV AUS5
  • FR4 Tg=170°C Isola FR406
  • Size - 4"x5.0" (10x12.5cm)
  • Thickness 0.062" (1.6mm)
  • 2-Layer Board (Cu 1oz)
  • Tooling Holes - None
  • IPC Fiducials - 0.062" (1.57mm)

    Enlarge:  After Mounting BGA324 Details
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      BGA324 Concentric Ring
    Daisy Chain Board

    Call for Kit Quantities Available
    Kit BOM Components

    Order #
    Board - HASL
    Tin-Lead (SnPb)
    1 999141
    Tin-Lead (SnPb)
    1 BGA324T1.0-DC224D

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    Board Order Number System
    999 141
    Series Design
    Application Specific BGA324 Board - 2L
    4"x5" (10x12.5cm)
    HASL (Tin-Lead)
    Other Variations Available
    Spare Boards
    Board Finish Type Order Number
    HASL (Tin Lead) Non-RoHS 999141
    ENIG (Ni-Au) Gold RoHS Call
    Spare Parts
    Ball Alloy Type Drawing
    Sn63/Pb37 Non RoHS BGA324T1.0-DC224D
    SAC305 RoHS BGA324T1.0C-DC224D

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