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The Tape Splicing Tool is used for attaching the end of a depleted reel of components to the beginning of a new reel without stopping the pick and place machine......Contents of 210011 Tool Kit includes: slicing tool, cutting tool, 100pcs Slicing Tape, Cutting knive, and 100pcs of extra long splice for wider carrier tapes (optional use).

Cutting Tool is specially designed for precise cuttng of SMD Carrier Tapes prior to splicing. The HRS4.3 has alignment pegs for cutting through the center of the sprocket hole on the carrier. The HRS4.4 (not shown) cuts the carrier between the holes. Both tools are designed to cut all sizes of carrier from 8mm to 56mm wide. the HRS4.3 is included with the kit. The HRS-4.4 (green handle) may be purchased optionally.

HRS5.01 Slicing Tape. To begin the splicing procedure, first remove protective liners from both ends of the Slicing Tape.

Place Splicing Tape in Tool with closed circles over the pins.

It is recommended to loosen the cover tape by lifting it with a knife about 1/8-inch (3mm) from beginning of the NEW reel. Place the carrier tape over the pins on the Tool.

Place end of OLD reel over the pins to make a near seamless joint.

Close the jaws of the Tool. Using a sharp knife, cut off excess Splicing Tape. Use the alignment notch on the Tool to steady the knife blade as you cut off the excess Splicing Tape.

Place narrow strip of spicing tape over the covers of the joined tape. The narrow splicing tape is for 8mm carrier tape. Use the wider strip of splicing tape for >12mm carriers tape. Extra long splicing strips are included and are only necessary to use on very wide carrier tape.

The Splicing procedure is now completed. Remove the joined carrier tape from the Splicing Tool and feed into pick and place machine without line shut-down.

This photo shows an example of the pull back of the joined cover tape as it travels over the spliced joint in the carrier tape.

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