904000 Kit

Flip Chip Kit
FC220 204µm (8 mils) Pitch
K&S PB08-400x600 (old FTC PB8 4x6)

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Laminate 4-layer FR4 board for placement and daisy chain continuity testing after assembly. Bottom side of substrate has 10 mounting sites for 220 bumps 10.2mm x 15.23mm. Top side of substrate has 10 mounting sites for 88 bumps 5.08mm x 5.08mm
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Laminate Substrate:

  • Tetra-functional multilayer FR-4
  • Tg = 155°C
  • 3~8 micro-inch immersion Gold over electroless nickel
  • Local and Global Fiducial Marks
  • traces 4 mil lines and spaces
  • Top Side mounting FC88
  • Bottom Side mounting FC220
  • Green LPI Solder Mask
  • Fingers .150" (3.83mm) pitch
  • Board 3.5" x 5.5" (89mm x 140mm)
  • Board Thickness .031" (0.8mm)
  • 4-tooling holes .125" (3.17mm)

  • Manual Assembly or Machine Run
    Kit Contents Kit Order Number
    Laminate FR4 Board 1
    Flip Chip FC220 9

    Optional Accessories
    Parts Placement Data ASCII File - Order Number 904004
    Solder Paste Artwork, Gerber File, Order Number 904005
    Spare Board Only, Order Number 904001

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