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Customers experiencing problems
with Micro Vibration and Fretting Corrosion
are invited to join TopLine
to investigate solutions using PID technology

What is ?
The goal is to reduce fretting caused by Micro Vibration between the mating of circuit boards (PCB) and its associated socket (connector).

Repeated small rubbing of mechanical movements (less than 5mils or 125um) leads to product failure as studied by the science of tribology. Over time fretting corrosion results in electrical deterioration, data loss, thermal runaway and ultimately circuit failure.

Such small movements can occur hundreds or thousands of time per second by mechanically induced vibrations from fans, relays, motors or reverberating sound. CTE mismatch of materials can also result in warpage and flexing of the circuit board, albeit at a slower rate. Contacts moving relative to one another can occur in all directions: vertical, radial, axial or transverse. Eventually the gold plating will wear thin, and the underlayer nickel will rub against copper fingers on the PC Board.

Customers are invited to join with TopLine in an alpha project to investigate whether NASA invented PID (Particle Impact Damper) technology can be adapted to attenuate (dampen) micro vibrations that cause fretting.

PID are intended to be commercially available COTS components. Standard mounting methods include: Surface Mount using standard SMT soldering methods, snap-in throughhole mount, screw mounting and epoxy mounting with permanent adhesives. Engineering development kits are under development.

As a first step, please watch a 2 minute video showing how macro vibration attenuation works. Then let's discuss a real-world problem that you are experiencing.

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