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Micro-coil Springs
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NASA Technology Transfer

NASA granted an exclusive license to TopLine Corporation under U.S. Patent Application Serial No. 13/800,692 entitled Interconnect Device and Assemblies Made Therewith.

Micro-coil springs are a novel interconnect for CCGA IC packages that operate in harsh environments.

Micro-coil springs absorbed extreme shock of up to 50,000g in tests using daisy chain test vehicles.

Commercial applications include aerospace, avionics, military, down-hole oilfield drilling and automotive electronics.


Example of
Micro-coil spring

Actual Size
20 x 50mils
0.50 x 1.27mm
More about Micro-coil springs

Engineers at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center developed a novel Micro-Coil spring interconnection structure for integrated circuit packages. This innovation extends the life of IC packages that operate under harsh environments, extreme thermal stress, vibration and shock.

Micro-coil springs replace traditional CCGA solder columns such as Pb90/Sn10 solder columns and copper-ribbon-wrapped Pb80/Sn20 solder columns.

Micro-coil spring technology offers a distinct improvement over traditional solder columns. Traditional columns have limited flexibility under shear stress. Micro-coil springs provides flexibility in three dimensions between the ceramic (or plastic) package and the PCB board.

NASA's technology offers a novel alternative, providing better flexibility in high temperature and harsh environments. More Details >>.

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NASA Technology Transfer Announcement

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