Visual Underfill Flow Trials

Enlarge: After Assembly
Board Size 50mm x 100mm (2"x4").
Controlled stand-off for glass components.
Order Glass Components Separately

999080 Series board with non-collapsible bumps for glass "BGA" like components. For visual observation of underfill flow.

Board Features:

  • Choice of Bump Standoff height:
        • 50um to 450um
        • See Board Order Table below
  • Size - 2"x4.0" (50x100mm)
  • Thickness .125" (3.2mm) Max.
  • Sites 6x Glass Components
  • Green Solder Mask
  • FR4 Tg=175°C
  • Tooling Holes .125" (3.17mm)
  • Global Fiducials - 0.062" (1.57mm)
  • Glass Component Optional Thickness
    Order Separately. Not Included with Board.

    Side View   •   Close up

    Board Order Number
    Glass Components are Not Included
    Board Rev Standoff

    Order Number
    A 50um ± 15um 999080
    B 100um ± 25um 999081
    C 125um ± 30um 999082
    D 150um ± 35um 999083
    E 200um ± 50um 999084
    F 250um ± 60um 999085
    G 330um ± 70um 999086
    H 450um ± 100um 999087
    Ask for glass components with other sizes and thickness.
    Glass Components
    Optional Accessory
    Order Separately
    Glass Component Size Thickness
    Glass Components
    4" Waffle Pack tray

    Order Number
    15 x 15mm 0.50mm 25pcs/Tray 215150
    15 x 15mm 0.68mm 25pcs/Tray 215152
    15 x 15mm 1.10mm 25pcs/Tray 215158
    Ask for glass components with other sizes and thickness.
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