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J-Lead Ceramic Chip Carrier 44L
TopLine Dummy Component
For training, practice and evaluation

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Quick Specs:
Pin Count 44L
Pitch 50 mil - 0.050" (1.27mm)
Body Size 0.65" SQ (16.5mm SQ)
J-Lead Ceramic Body

Use and Applications:
IPC Solder Training & Practice
Equipment Evaluation
S.I.R. Testing
Prototype PWB

Delivery Stock to 4 weeks

Part Numbers with J-Leads:
CLCC44J50 = Gold Leads. With Lid
CLCC44J50-SC = Solder Dip. With Lid
CLCC44J50-N = Gold Leads. Without Lid
CLCC44J50-ISO = Isolated Pins. Gold Leads
CLCC44J50-ISO-SC = Isolated Pins. Solder Leads
CLCC44J50-DE = Daisy Chain. Gold Leads
CLCC44J50-DE-SC = Daisy Chain. Solder Leads

Part Numbering System
CLCC 44 J 50 - N
Series Nbr Pins Lead
- Options
Ceramic Chip
Quad Sides.
Bulk Packed
in tray
50 Mils
  -N=Without lid
-DE=Daisy Chain. With lid
-ISO=Isolated Pins
-SC=Solder Dipped SnPb
Blank=Gold Leads. With lid.
Option -N open cavity available for packaging live die.
State your die size requirement.
Solderable combo-lids are available.

Daisy Chain Option -DE

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