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7 page HSOP and PFP Drawings Library in PDF format.

HSOP -   with Heat Spreader

Lead Body Width Pitch Order Number
Order Number
Outline Drawing Daisy Chain
16 270 mils
0.8mm PFP16E13A30F PFP16M30F Drawing Daisy Chain
16 270 mils
0.8mm PFP16E13A30 PFP16M30 Drawing Daisy Chain
20 433 mils
1.27mm HSOP20E13A-F HSOP20M-F Drawing Daisy Chain
24 433 mils
1.0mm HSOP24E13A40F HSOP24M40F Drawing Daisy Chain
30 433 mils
0.8mm HSOP30E13A30F HSOP30M30F Drawing Daisy Chain
36 433 mils
0.65mm HSOP36E13A25F HSOP36M25F Drawing Daisy Chain
44 433 mils
0.65mm HSOP44E13A25F HSOP44M25F Drawing Daisy Chain
For Lead Free: F=NiPdAu or -TIN=Sn100
For Daisy Chain, add -DE to end of Part Number.
For Isolated circuit without internal connections, add -ISO to end of Part Number.

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