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SSOP Daisy Chain PDF

SSOP - Gull Wing   Fine-Pitch

Lead Body Width Pitch  Order Number
 Order Number
Outline Drawing Daisy Chain
8 208 mils (5.3mm) 0.65mm SSOP8E13A25-TIN SSOP8M25-TIN Drawing Daisy Chain
14 208 mils (5.3mm) 0.65mm SSOP14E13A25-TIN SSOP14M25-TIN Drawing Daisy Chain
16 208 mils (5.3mm) 0.65mm SSOP16E13A25-TIN SSOP16M25-TIN Drawing Daisy Chain
20 208 mils (5.3mm) 0.65mm SSOP20E13A25-TIN SSOP20M25-TIN Drawing Daisy Chain
24 208 mils (5.3mm) 0.65mm SSOP24E13A25-TIN SSOP24M25-TIN Drawing Daisy Chain
28 208 mils (5.3mm) 0.65mm SSOP28E13A25-TIN SSOP28M25-TIN Drawing Daisy Chain
48 300 mils (7.5mm) 0.635mm SSOP48E13A25-TIN SSOP48M25-TIN Drawing Daisy Chain
56 300 mils (7.5mm) 0.635mm SSOP56E13A25-TIN SSOP56M25-TIN Drawing Daisy Chain
Lead Free, -TIN = Sn100
For Daisy Chain, add -DE to end of Part Number.
For Isolated circuit without internal connections, add -ISO to end of Part Number.

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